Pictured below are some of the locations around the

Charleston area that inspired certain scenes in

Palmetto Blood:

Sunrise on Sullivan's Island.

Colonial Lake in downtown Charleston.

Rebecca Rose's body was discovered at this prceise spot, but between a Volvo and a BMW.

The Charleston Police Department building in downtown Charleston.

The beach on Sullivan's Island at dawn...Connor's favorite place and time to go for a run.

Cafe Medley on Sullivan's Island, where Connor gets his morning coffee.

Poe's on Sullivan's Island...site of Connor's and Danielle's first "date."

Red's on Shem Creek.   

The house that inspired Jordan James' Broadview mansion in Charleston.

The view out over the marsh from Connor's backyard.

Connor's favorite drink while sitting on the grass in his backyard.

The view from retired Deputy Sheriff Espo's cabin in Edisto.

All photos by Reed Bunzel.