Palmetto Blood

[Ingalls Publishing Group, Summer 2012]

“In Palmetto Blood, Reed Bunzel peels away the layers of mystery like a master of the genre. The American south hasn’t seemed this hot, menacing and filled with surprises in ages. Bravo to a fine writer and a splendid novel.” – T. Jefferson Parker, author of The Jaguar and The Border Lords

What did television reporter Rebecca Rose do that got her brutally murdered and left in a gutter in downtown Charleston?

That’s what Jack Connor—crime scene clean-up technician, recently discharged Iraq war veteran, and the victim’s one-time lover—wants to know when he and his crew are called early one morning to sanitize her murder scene. When the Charlestonpolice learn of Connor’s romantic link to the victim they waste no time bringing him in as a “person of interest.”

Still dealing with the emotional and physical scars from the battlefield, Connor takes it upon himself to find Rebecca’s real killer—a search that leads him to scratch the underbelly of the South Carolina Lowcountry.

More praise for Palmetto Blood:

Palmetto Blood is a winner. It sweeps you in with intrigue and authority and never lets you go. I want to go riding with Jack Connor again.” Michael Connelly, author of The Lincoln Lawyer and The Drop

“A Charleston mop-up man, a murdered TV babe, motives pointing all over town. What? You expected high morals in the Low Country? Taut and elegantly written, gritty in the land of genteel, nothing runs colder than Palmetto Blood. Reed Bunzel totally gets the rich contradictions of coastal Carolina – the side porches and the Citadel, the society ladies and the Southern Mafia, the sweet demeanor and the killer instincts. He makes you want to move down immediately – then makes you scared to.” – Ellis Henican, New York Newsday columnist and New York Times bestselling author

“Reed Bunzel captures the sights, sounds, and smells of Charleston and the South Carolina Low Country with accuracy and feeling. His characters immediately come to life – and face death and danger with excitement and real-life drama. He is a mystery/thriller writer to watch...and read.” – Joseph L.S. Terrell, author of Tide Of Darkness and Overwash of Evil

[Palmetto Blood cover design by Pierre Nantell]

Pay For Play

[Avon Books, New York]

On the charts…with a bullet! Ex-recording industry honcho Stuart Logan left the L.A. music scene to play cocktail piano on Catalina Island – hoping to silence the demons of a violent and painful past with mind-numbing “old standards” and the occasional one-night stand.

But while he dallies one evening with a beautiful redhead, the bullet-torn bodies of a record mogul and a call girl are riding the waves to shore. And when Logan wakes up, he is alone…and wanted for murder. Now Stuart Logan must return to the mainland and the life he abandoned.

For a killer is waiting for him somewhere in a sleazy world of payola, shady megabuck deals, and fading rock stars.

And the hits keep coming…